Time to Dive – Gili Trawangan

The next day we reluctantly left Nusa Lembongan. We loved it so much that we may go back toward the end of the trip. We got a 1.5 hour boat to Gili Trawangan and once we’d arrived we spent some time walking up the ‘strip’ which is full of bars, dive schools, and shops – nothing like Nusa! The island was really quiet at the north side and we had some dinner on this side of the island after booking a scuba dive ‘discovery’ 1 day course for the following day. 
We arrived at 10am for the course and met our friendly American instructor who got us in the equipment and took an hour showing us the ropes. We dived in the pool initially, trying out skills like how to clear the mask, and how to use your breath to alter your position in the water. After lunch we set out on the boat for a dive – and while Dan was extremely excited, I was quite nervous! For me, the hardest part was rolling off the boat backwards, which I refused to do at first and heard my instructor shout from the water, ‘just push her!’. The dive was amazing though, and despite the weather the visibility was good and there was no strong current. We saw loads of amazing colourful fish, a turtle, squid, and a couple of octopuses which the instructor tried to goad out of their hiding place. 

Post dive with our instructor
After some beers and charades games at the dive bar, we had dinner at the local night market which had a large selection of Indonsian food and barbecued meat and fish. There was a party that night at the dive bar as some of the students had reached their dive masters status and had dressed up as teenage mutant ninja turtles in celebration. We met some Australians and Brits who were out there doing their PADI – apparently it’s cheaper to fly over from Australia than take the course there! Needless to say, there were slightly sore heads all round the next day!

Beach bar antics

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