The Jaunt begins in Jakarta

We’ve decided to set up this blog as we’ve had a few requests from people who want to know more about our trip – so here goes!

After one short flight from Glasgow to London; a long but enjoyable flight from London to Colombo; a short wait in Colombo airport; followed by the most cramped and unenjoyable flight either of us has experienced – we landed in Jakarta! Only 23 hours after we set off…

Realising we were too exhausted to navigate ourselves to the hostel we had previously booked, we hopped into a taxi. Our first experiences of Jakarta were the heat; crazy traffic and mix of modern high rise apartments; shacks; and Dutch colonial buildings whizzing past. After somehow managing to help the taxi driver navigate to our hostel, we arrived and slept off some of the jet lag.

We set off into the centre of Jakarta to have some dinner, and after a 15-20 minute walk we found a large night market at the local square with hundreds of locals out shopping, socialising and sampling the street food. After being offered to hold a python by a local (I screamed and ran away!), we sat outside one of the restaurants and ordered enough food for 4 people!

The main square lined with Dutch Colonial buildings
The man on the left who offered me the snake

The next day we went to look for a local breakfast for me, as the breakfast provided at the hostel was not gluten free friendly. We found a small busy warung and I got a plate of rice, 2 amazing curry sauces, greens and a boiled egg. Heaven! The locals seemed quite amused by us, but were so friendly – I don’t think they got many tourists there!


My first Indonesian breakfast (thats green tea not beer!)
Later in the afternoon we headed back to the airport – next stop Bali!


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